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Through Agile processes we help businesses design and build high-quality mobile apps
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Alphabet Mixup
This beautifully illustrated children's book helps with learning the English alphabet. Mix up the top and bottom halves of the page to see some funny characters!
What clients are saying about us
I found FirstOne to be very honest and well-organised, and managed to implement all requirements with no fuss and quite quickly. Any project changes were dealt with professionally with very fair and mutually-agreed fee changes.
President of Harmony Music Libraries Inc., Founder of The Library Of The Human Soul, CEO of Gothic Storm
FirstOne had the first version of the project done before I woke up! Over the next day they worked quickly on fixing small issues that came up as we worked through the implementation. It was very easy to communicate with them by email and Skype through the whole project. I could not have hoped for anything better than the service that FirstOne provided and I fully expect to work with them on all my future iOS projects.


This is my second time working with FirstOne and they have done great work again. I especially appreciated their recommendations on better ways to arrange the UI and I think it improved my app a lot. We moved the dates a little bit but it was a bigger project and I was not in a hurry so I didn't mind at all.
What makes us unique?
Being a remote company allows us to attract best talent. This means we can help you build more stable and high-quality app in less time comparing to less-experienced teams.
Agile is in the heart of our development and QA processes. But also to be a high-performing remote team we have processes in place that help us maintain constant high level of performance and software quality.
Customer focus
We are striving to see project from client's perspective. We won't say to you that something can't be done just because it doesn't make sense to do from developer's perspective. If it is possible, will get it done.
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